The farm is situated on 140 acres east of Winnipeg at the edge of the Boreal Plains region. The land is a mix of forest dominated by Balsam Poplar, Jack Pine, and Black Spruce trees. Most of the farm is not cultivated, making it a perfect habitat for deer, coyotes, beaver, squirrels and many different species of birds. Cooks Creek runs through the property and much of the land is a thriving wetland - welcoming to Sand Cranes, downy woodpeckers, swallows, Canada goose, hummingbirds and cedar waxwings.

The farm has 10 acres of overgrown pasture land that was once used for cattle and horses. We plan to restore this area back to pasture by using an rotational grazing system for our pigs, chickens and sheep. 

Long Way Homestead currently has laying hens, a flock of Shetland Sheep  and Merino cross sheep and two llamas. In the summer we raise chickens and heritage breed pigs for meat. In the fall we sell our pastured poultry, free range eggs and pork direct from the farm. As guiding values for how we treat our animals on the farm we strive for:

  • Providing access to fresh seasonal vegetation for all our animals. (Pasture Raised)
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics
  • We source our grain locally and avoid known GMO grains
  • Use permaculture principles in all we do on the farm, we are working towards a regenerative agricultural plan for the farm as we study and learn about the benefits and strategies of regenerative practices. 


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Pastured Poultry Chicken will be available at the beginning of July and late August. $3.75/lb our chickens will be between 3-6lbs The chickens come as whole, frozen chickens and can be picked up from the farm or a delivery location in Winnipeg.
Pastured Pork by the Whole / Half / Quarter
We are pleased to offer this year our pork by the whole/half/quarter. This means greater savings for you. End weight/price will be determined by the size of our pigs, but this gives a loose guideline for what you will receive. We can deliver the pork all at once, or in two deliveries. Pork will be available by mid-September. Whole Pig $4.25/lb (approximately 130-140lbs) This will include (approx) 14 lbs of bacon, 20 lbs ham, 2 - 5 lb of tenderloin, 25 - 28 lbs of shoulder roasts or butt chops, 6 - 8 lbs of ribs, 30 lbs of sausage (breakfast, farmers sausage) or ground pork, 10 - 12 lbs ham hocks Half Pig $4.50/lb (approximately 65 - 70lbs) This includes (approx) 7 lbs of bacon, 10 lbs ham, 1 lb of tenderloin, 14 lbs of shoulder roasts or butt chops, 3-4 lbs of ribs, 15 lbs of sausage (breakfast, farmers sausage) or ground pork, 5 - 8 lbs ham hocks Quarter Pig $4.50/lb (approx 25 - 30lbs) This includes (approx) 4 lbs of bacon, 2 lbs of tenderloin, 6 lbs of shoulder roasts or butt chops, 2 lbs of ribs, 10 lbs of sausage (breakfast, farmers sausage) or ground pork, 3 lbs ham hocks
All cuts will be wrapped and labelled, and delivered to Winnipeg in mid-September. Cuts are based on first come first serve, so get your order in soon! Leg Roast $3.50/lb Smoked Ham Roast $6.25/lb Pork Loin Chops $7/lb Tenderloin $9/lb Back Ribs $5.50/lb Shoulder Roast $4.75/lb Hip Roast $5/lb Butt Steaks $4.75/lb Side Ribs $5/lb Bacon $8/lb Ground Pork $5/lb Hocks $4/lb Soup Bones $3.50/lb Breakfast Sausage $5.75/lb LIST THE CUT AND HOW MANY POUNDS OF EACH CUT YOU WOULD LIKE. (ie. 4 lbs of bacon, 5 lbs butt steaks)



Thanks to your support and our Kickstarter campaign in the Spring of 2016 we raised enough money to build a sheep shelter, fence in 4 acres of pasture land and purchase our starter flock!  Thank you to everyone who has supported the project and cheered us on!