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Custom Milling Policies

Thanks for choosing us to process your fibre and fleece. A few things to know about our processing and services.

We have a 3lb minimum weight to process

We charge based on incoming fleece weight. This means that it is to your advantage to effectively skirt your fleece to limit your costs. This also means that you will know how much your costs will be at the beginning of processing. If you want to wash fleece beforehand you are welcome, we will still wash the fleece to our specifications. (See our page about skirting fleeces).

We guarantee that your wool will be processed independently of other fleece, and you will receive only your own fleece in return.

Prices do not include shipping and handling.

For orders over $500 we require a deposit of half the cost, with the full payment required before yarn is shipped.

When we begin working on your fleece we will prepare a fleece analysis and report on your incoming fleece(s) including weight, skirting, length of staple etc. we will send this along with a projected milling timeline via email.

If a balance is left owing longer than 60 days on fibre that has been processed the fibre will become the property of Long Way Homestead.

We package yarn in 1.5meter or 2meter skeins, please indicate which you prefer on the processing form.

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Custom Milling Pricing

 ** prices based on incoming weight**

Roving & Batts                                                    $16/lb

Dk - Chunky weight  (2 or 3-ply)          $27/lb        

Fingering - Sport (2 or 3 ply) $30/lb

Singly-ply Lopi style yarn $25/lb


** There is a normal amount of weight loss from your fibre, it can sometimes be as much as 60% weight loss, this comes from the removal of dirt, grease, dust and will be increased if extra skirting is necessary.**

To ensure the fastest turn-around on your fibre, please fill out the ORDER FORM with as much information as possible.  Including information in every bag of fibre will ensure ease of processing.

To deliver fibre in person please contact us at info@longwayhomestead.com or 204-381-9130 to arrange a time, or send fibre to:      

Long Way Homestead

51077 MUN 41 E

St. Genevieve, MB

R5J 0B2