Our fibre CSA is constantly changing as we become more established and the farm grows, and thus the amount of fibre we process grows. In the meantime here is the foundation we are using to develop our fibre CSA program.  

What is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system in which both the benefits and the risks of agriculture production is shared by the shareholders within the community. Most often the consumers will purchase 'shares' from a local farm at the beginning of the growing season, thus ensuring the viability for the farmer. The consumer will then receive vegetables, fruit, grains and/or meat throughout the year according to what has been grown and what is in season. 


What is a Fibre CSA

A fibre CSA is a chance for knitters, spinners, dyers and crafters to have a closer connection to where their wool comes from and what is involved in bringing it to the consumer. 

By purchasing a 'share' every year you are supporting the raising of the sheep, the shearing, the cleaning and the end product. You also get to witness the process - through visiting the farm, or watching on social media. This provides a connection with the sheep and also supports small, local, Canadian farmers.


In the winter, Long Way Homestead will sell  'shares' for fibre or yarn, and after the spring shearing you will receive your fibre or yarn.  Throughout the year there will be many opportunities to observe or participate in the process, these include:

  • farm visits
  • fall harvest supper
  • shearing festival in the spring
  • videos, pictures, blog posts throughout the year about the flock
  • open information about what the sheep eat, how they are raised and how the fibre is processed.

We will also sell limited yarn and fibre through our farm store. 



The information and generosity of other sheep farmers and millers has been invaluable to us, we want to share some of our favourite resources with you to assist you wherever you are on this fibre journey, check out our resource page here.