These are some of the resources, books and links that we have found useful as we have started the farm and the mill. We love sharing the lessons we have learned and love hearing from you, please reach out if you have more questions.


Pure Wool: A knitters guide to using single-breed yarns by: sue Blacker


If you have not entered the world of single-source/breed yarns this book is fantastic. Sue details 16 different breeds of sheep, including a brief history of the breed and the characteristics of their fleece and what projects it will work best with.  There is a corresponding knitting pattern to go along with every breed she profiles.

My favourite part of the book is the last few pages where she has included 4 pages of easy-to-reference charts that highlight the best uses for the wool she has discusses. If you are interested in breed specific knitting/spinning this book is a great start.


Slow Colour    by Pamela Weber

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Holistic Management     by Allan Savory

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