Wool Mill Update

July 19th, 2018

Our equipment has arrived! And we are installing it in the garage. Jeff from Belfast Mini Mills drove it all the way here from PEI. Best Day Ever!


July 16th, 2018

The sink and the drying racks have been moved in. The drying racks are being put to excellent use as I'm washing wool in preparation for our training on the equipment. It arrives in 4 days - 4 DAYS - starting to freak out!  

washing station.jpg

July 4th, 2018

The walls are complete, the new lighting is in place, the electrical work has been done, and the picker room has been built. Next we work on the plumbing and install the sink. In the meantime I'm washing wool in preparation for our training on the equipment when it arrives.

walls finished, new lights, picker room!

walls finished, new lights, picker room!

July 1st, 2018

We just got word....our equipment is arriving on July 16th!  

June 21st, 2018

We have begun serious construction to the garage that will house the mill equipment.  Drywall, electrical work, new lights, painting, plumbing and so much more!

Luke working on the mudding/sanding in the garage

Luke working on the mudding/sanding in the garage

June 1st, 2018

I am overwhelmed by all the support from so many of you, thank you for helping us reach our goal of $10,000 - wow!  This money is contributing to us converting the garage to our mill, and to launch our mill!  I will be working on the pre-orders in the next few months!

Support the Wool Mill

Many of you have been following our journey since we've started the farm and have now begun to produce beautiful wool.  There has been an incredible amount of support, encouragement, and love that we have felt from so many of you. 

As you know, this spring (2018) we will begin the construction of a wool mill so that we can process wool and fibre from both our farm and other sources.  Presently there is no wool mill in Manitoba, but there is a major demand, as Manitoba has the fastest growing number of sheep farms. We have been dreaming and planning about opening a wool mill not only to compliment the fibre farm, but also to contribute in a meaningful way toward the development of a local fibre economy.

A mill is a big undertaking and we have worked hard and invested much of our own land, sweat equity, and capital to get it off the ground. But we need your help too!  We will be running our own funding campaign from March 2018 until June 2018 while we construct the building and acquire the mill equipment.  This fundraising campaign is a unique opportunity to pre-order some of the amazing products our mill will be producing. We hope you will check out our products and consider pre-ordering items today!

Below is a list of items available for pre-order, plus the perks involved and estimated delivery dates. Following that is the description of our plans for the mill and a timeline for construction and production!



Long Way Homestead  Supporter  -  $25

Our popular, cotton, hand printed project bags are great for gift giving, or storing your favourite skein of local yarn

Made from 100% cotton each has a hand-printed image of our shetland sheep.The bag is 10" x 12" and has a drawstring closure.

Will ship June 2018


Natural Dye  Supporter  -  $35

Our popular, locally harvested solar dye kit.  Includes 35 grams of dk weight wool (from our farm) and locally harvested or grown natural dye materials.

This includes instructions for solar dyeing, and all the supplies.  For those outside of Winnipeg, MB the solar dye kit will be mailed without the jar, any 1 Litre jar will work.

Will ship July 2018

Sheep  Supporter    $50

We will be producing both our own wool (from our sheep) and purchasing wool from other local Manitoba farmers to process and sell under our LWH label.  This perk will include:

400 yds of Fingering weight yarn (Shetland, Corriedale or Targhee wool).  Yarn will be all natural and in a white,brown or grey shade. 

Will ship in August of 2018


shepherdess small.jpg

Shepherdess Supporter  $60

This perk features our shepherdess bag and a 200 yd skein of worsted weight yarn.

The shepherdess bag is a perfect accessory for knitting on the go. It easily holds one ball of yarn and a small project.  The bag is handprinted and made from linen and cotton. Sizing is 7" by 8" excluding handle.

200 yds of worsted weight yarn (Shetland, Corriedale or Targhee wool).  Yarn will be all natural and in a white,brown or grey shade. 

Will ship in August 2018

Llama supporter  $80

This perk celebrates our beautiful livestock guardian animals, the llama, and includes our canvas llama knitting tote and 400 yds of dk weight llama yarn.

Knitting Tote is 100% cotton canvas.  Dimensions are 11" x 11" with sturdy handles

400yds of llama yarn (dark or light brown)

Will ship in August 2018

llama small.jpg
Picture is Not actual bed, but example of the style.

Picture is Not actual bed, but example of the style.


For the Love of Cats  $200

For the Love of Dogs  $250

This perk celebrates the cats and dogs in your life with a natural wool bed using 100% wool. 

Made from 100% cotton and wool felt and filled with wool batting.

cat bed is 24" by 27"

dog bed is 30" by 36"

Will ship in October 2018

Picture is Not actual bed, but example of the style.

Picture is Not actual bed, but example of the style.


Cozy Supporter  $500

This perk will keep you warm and cozy all night with a wool duvet comforter. 

Outside cover made from undyed cotton and made with wool batting. Queen size comforter

Will ship in November 2018

Timeline for Wool Mill

April 2018 - June 2018 - Begin construction of mill

We will be building an extension on to the garage that already exists on our farm property.  The building will be large enough to house the mill equipment and a small retail/workshop space. We will be doing much of the construction ourselves (so thankful that Luke is a carpenter)! 


June 2018 - Arrival of mill equipment.  

We are purchasing the mini-mill equipment from Belfast Mini Mill on Prince Edward Island.  We visited the mill and manufacturing facility in December and are very excited to begin using this machinery.  It is manufactured in Canada using raw materials sourced from North America, and they are committed to working with small millers to ensure success.


July 2018 - August 2018 - Training

During the summer of 2018 we will be training on the equipment and working to create products that we (and our customers) will be happy with.  During this time we will begin doing a small amount of custom milling batts and rovings. We know that the learning curve on mill equipment requires consistent and intense work, so we anticipate the summer will be very  full of scouring, carding, spinning and skeining wool!


September 2018 -  Mill Launch

 This means a big party, and hopefully many of you will come out to raise a glass with us as we start this new phase of Long Way Homestead Fibre Farm and Wool Mill!

We are hoping to fundraise $10,000 for the construction and purchase of the mill (this is about 1/25th of the total cost of the project).  We are also securing a loan from the Women's Enterprise Centre.


Support the mill today, and be among the first to enjoy the rewards of locally sourced and produced wool!