Drive or be Driven

Early on in our relationship we had a rule - drive or be driven. This prevented the clichéd marital arguments over directions, whose route is fastest or other ridiculous driving issues. There are many times when one of us announces that we will be driving - knowing that we won't be able to resist the mutually agreed upon expectation of keeping ones mouth shut if not in the drivers seat.


So today we began 'staking' out where our perimeter fence will go for our first flock of sheep.  I thought to myself that learning how to put up a fence (a very important fence) with your partner could potentially be a disastrous situation.  I suppose the fact that neither of us have ever done this before kept our 'need to be right at all cost' in check. 


staking out our fence

staking out our fence

Maybe it was the mutual feeling of 'what are we doing' that prevented us from turning on one another. We are in this together, and this new adventure has really been all about recognizing our little team of two (and sometimes four depending on how helpful the boys are). 

I'm a pretty optimistic person, actually, perhaps maybe I'm a mash-up of an optimist and dreamer. I'm pretty sure that anything that can be thought of can actually be accomplished. It's a great mix cause my man is a realist, and a damn hard worker, so we balance each other out. I dream up big huge things and he brings me back to earth and makes them happen.

"I think it's straight - it looks straight to me - maybe move it a little to the left" 

We got stakes in the ground, we have a plan, we have a 'barn raising' party planned for two weeks from now. Luke's awesome family is all going to help us put in over 210 posts. I'm spending all my spare time reading this book to help me figure out how to actually put in a fence. And I'm trying very hard to keep my mouth shut and let my husband do the 'driving' on this one.