Black/White Shetland Ewe Lamb Sponsorsheep

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Black/White Shetland Ewe Lamb Sponsorsheep

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This beautiful girl was the last lamb to be born on the farm, she was born on June 11, 2017 to one of our original shetland mamas Shirley. She is one of two, her twin is a ewe lamb. She is very friendly and already loves to play around with her sister. Her white markings will most likely fade with time, and it will be interesting to see what her fleece will become.

The "SponsorSHEEP" program is an opportunity for us to directly engage and connect with the broader fibre community to create a greater understanding of the process involved in raising sheep, growing and producing wool. 

The sponsorsheep program lasts for one full year (from the date of purchase). At the end of the year you can renew with this sheep, or simply not renew at all. The name you choose will be the name of that sheep forever.


Every sponsorsheep includes the basics:

* sheep naming rights

* Post card mailed to you with a picture of the sheep and basic info (name, DOB, breed etc)

* Monthly updates via email including pictures.

It also includes a specific amount of yarn or fleece depending on what you choose. For the full list of options please read the sponsorsheep info here.


NOTE: As we have learned the painful way, livestock does not always survive, even with the best of care. We cannot guarantee that your sheep will survive the entire year of sponsorsheep. In the event of death, we will continue to send updates and pictures of the 'flock' and will fulfill the yarn or fleece from another sheep at the end of the year.

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