Rambouillet DK (light red)

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Rambouillet DK (light red)


This 100% rambouillet wool 3-ply yarn is sourced from a Manitoba sheep farm, then processed in our wool mill using only natural and eco-friendly processes. We naturally dye our yarn using plants, flowers, bugs and minerals

skeins are 250m/100g dyed with Cochineal bugs and Madder root

If you are in Winnipeg or Manitoba we can arrange pick up or some limited delivery options available (choose this option for free shipping).

RAMBOUILLET  from Long Way Homestead is a yarn comprised of Manitoba pure rambouillet wool. Sometimes called the 'french merino' rambouillet wool is known for its soft, fine fibres but with more resilience and bounce than its merino counterparts. It is a great wool to wear next to your skin, while also providing warmth and strength.

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Meet the Farmer

Graham and Janice Rannie and the Rannie family have been farming in Manitoba since 1919 and started sheep farming in 1968. They started their purebred flock of Rambouillets in 1994 and they run about 75 ewes and focus on high wool quality.

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