Breed Specific Yarn for a Year


Breed Specific Yarn for a Year


This is a year long exploration of breed specific yarn that is grown in small flocks in Canada.

Each month you will receive 100g of yarn from a specific sheep breed. The weight will be different (spun specifically to highlight that breed’s qualities). In it’s natural shade.

You will also receive a small card with information about that sheep breed and some suggestions for the best use of that yarn based on the characteristics of the wool.

All the wool for the yarn comes from small flocks/farms across Canada, grown by shepherds who take great care in producing healthy, happy animals and excellent wool.

Examples of some of the breeds:

  • BFL

  • Rambouillet

  • Icelandic

  • Shetland

  • Targhee

  • Cotswold

  • Wenslydale

  • Romney

  • Polypay

  • Shropshire

For those in Winnipeg we can arrange a once a month pick up location.

Shipping for the entire year in Canada is $155 and for the USA is $165

Why Breed Specific Yarn?

It helps preserve specific breeds, especially those that are rare

Helps us learn more about wool and its characteristics

Capitalize on the unique characteristics of that fibre, and inform our knitting/crafting

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